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Welcome to the BaHar Publishing website!  BaHar Publishing, L.C. was founded in 2003 by Chaveevah Ferguson and Patricia L. Harris in Waterloo, Iowa and we specialize in unique products such as prints featuring original artwork, greeting cards, contemporary fiction, theme coloring books, custom made dolls, and more...

Would you like to get your book published?  We can help

Getting your book published does not have to cost you thousands.  BaHar offers a range of reasonably-priced publishing services to help realize your dream of having your manuscript published:

--layout and proof reading
--cover design and art

We work with self-published authors through every step of the process. We also welcome your input and ideas, because we want your finished book to be exactly as you envisioned it.  For more information about submissions or pricing, contact Jeffrey Ferguson, marketing director, at: [319] 235-1649 or

What's New!

"Ropes In The Kitchen" is a collection of vignettes written by father and daughter, Naaman "Jock" Hickey and Joshalyn Hickey Johnson.  The stories give the reader a glimpse into their lives during the summer of 1969, as Joshalyn struggles with her biracial identity growing up in the midst of the Civil Rights movement.  The book also shares stories of the Hickey family's rich history including migration from Mississippi to the Cedar Valley, working on the railroad, and activism.  Joshalyn is also the author of two children's books, "Good Morning, Lovey!" and "Travis, It's NOT Your Birthday!"


Mmm, mmm!  New author Jeffrey Campbell, former owner of Soul City Cafe in Des Moines, Iowa offers a delicious assortment of favorite recipes from his restaurant in  "The Soul City Cafe Cookbook".  These traditional recipes, adapted to be 'heart-healthy', will add a touch of soul to your meals and your purchase will help support the Iowa Kidney Walk.  To purchase your copy, contact Jeffrey Campbell at:


                                    "The Soul City Cafe Cookbook"

Another new release is a wonderful children's book titled "Lovable Linc" by Lori Gross-Maynard, Janet Thompsen, and illustrator Doris Webber.  It's the real story of an orphaned kitten who became the mascot of Lincoln Elementary School in Waterloo, Iowa for more than a decade.  This story should delight cat lovers everywhere!  To order your copy of "Lovable Linc", contact Lori Gross-Maynard at:


   "Lovable Linc" by Lori Gross-Maynard, Janet D. Thompsen, & Doris Webber

BaHar is happy to announce the release of "That's What Gentlemen Do" by Jeffrey Ferguson.  This delightful story is about a young boy who learns about honesty and good character through his interaction with family, friends, and people he meets.  This book teaches valuable lessons about how to treat others, and is good for children of all ages.  


                        "That's What Gentlemen Do" by Jeffrey Ferguson

In this new book by Michael Sanderson, "On The 28th Day My Eyes Opened", the author tells the true story of his horrific injury that most victims do not survive--and his recovery that is nothing less than miraculous.  Read the story of this former cement truck driver who awakened after a 28-day coma, and his recovery against all odds.  For information about Michael's incredible story or to purchase his book, contact him at: 


              "On The 28th Day My Eyes Opened" by Michael Sanderson

Is there a child in your life who loves to learn about other cultures? Author Chris Schrage has released four wonderful new children's books that are sure to delight your young one while introducing the culture and customs of Ghana, Kenya, China and Nicaragua.  These new books, "Child of Ghana", "Child of Kenya", "Child of China" and "Child of Nicaragua" are written about children the author met while visiting their countries, and provides a glimpse of their lives, families, and customs.  The stories are interesting, Chris' photos are beautiful, and all proceeds beyond publishing costs go into a fund for the children's future education.  These books make wonderful gifts, and help provide education for a deserving young person from another country.  To purchase your copies, contact author Chris Schrage at:


                         "Child of Ghana"                    "Child of Nicaragua"


                              "Child of China"                       "Child of Kenya"

In 2009, the Iowa Commission on the Status of African-Americans awarded BaHar Publishing the Martin Luther King, Jr. Pinnacle Award for Outstanding Journalism.  We at BaHar Publishing are deeply gratified to receive such an honor and affirmation of the work we're doing!

The plaque reads:
"In recognition of your service and committment to promoting the vision of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King through the publication of chidren and adult books highlighting African American culture and achievement, and through collaborative efforts to serve and strengthen community"--January 2009

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